Audiovisual Production, 2D Animation and Website Development. We’ll work so you can have the best tools and your disposal for the creation of a communication ecosystem that your company needs.

Comprehensive Strategies

Communication Strategies
We encourage the use of Communication Strategies that allow us to develop different products that help with the positioning of your brand or product.”

“We know the effort that your team does to promote the values and importance of your brand, that’s why we want to offer you the tools of communications needed to make an impact in your target group. Let’s produce something great together! ”

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Animation for your company 0:31

Do you know the benefits that a 2D animation can bring to your company? There are multiple advantages to making a dynamic and entertaining audiovisual product, let’s make your communication iconic!

Make your video iconic! 0:36

We work short commercial videos to make
your brand iconic.

Make your brand iconic  0:37

At Conik Studio we work 2D animation, which you can complement with the development of your logo, everything to make your brand something iconic!

Strategic Alliances